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2nd August 2017
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Easter Opening Hours
21st March 2018

Ski Fit

Ski Fit Course

Ski Fit Course


Ski Fit – £80

This programme is designed to help you prepare for a skiing holiday, so you can make full use of your time on snow & help reduce the risk of injury. The key areas focussed on in this course are balance, flexibility, endurance and strength.

Although this programme is aimed at those wishing to undertake downhill, alpine skiing it also can be used to help train for Nordic cross-country skiing. However, if cross country skiing is to be the prime activity then greater emphasis will be placed on running, rowing and co-ordination skills.

Course Content

4 X 45 min sessions (30 mins PT in gym 15 mins PT on Power plate)

Sessions: Coach eye analysts to focus on correct positioning for skiing and technique for exercises

Flexibility Exercises:  concentrating on legs, lower back. glutes, hip flexor, abductors, adductors, spinal rotation



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